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Inking Tab 

Designed to bring digital pen feature to your non-touch devices. Plug and Play with Rechargeable Pen. Equipped with Interactive Virtual Whiteboard, short cut keys for PowerPoint and Windows essential control functions. Offers 4196 Pressure level sensing for perfect digital handwriting. Compatible with any software that features digital handwriting function line MS Office, MS Whiteboard, Photoshop, Sketch and many more. 

Inking Tab Black and White 5.jpg
10.1 My Inking.png

DeskTab Portable

Portable 10.1"  fully powered by USB. Plug and play and easy to carry for extended or duplicate monitor screen. Supports  10 finger touch points and  EMR Pen packed with 4096 Pressure Level sensor. Ideal solution for electronic signature, digital graphics and E-note applications 


Inking Pad 

All in one interactive flat panel display powered by the latest version of Android 8.0 . Equipped with 10-20 points  Infrared touch and Dual EMR Pen with 2048 pressure sensitivity. Built in multi screen mirroring system for seamless collaboration and presentations. Delivers precise handwriting for whiteboard and digital graphic applications

UI 1 with Pen.png
15.6 New Design My Inking.png
15.6 Vertical Old Design My Inking.png
Square Stage

DeskTab Monitor

4K Full HD LED monitor powered by both Capacitive and EMR technology. Supports 10 Points finger touch and EMR Pen with 8196 pressure sensitivity

 Ideal for digital signatures, digital graphics and e-note applications.


Desk Tab Android Display

Pen and Touch Android LED monitor with 4K Full HD support. Powered by Android 7.1  operating system  Supports various digital art and graphics android applications. Works faster than your regular Android Tablet featuring Pen and Finger touch with larger display screen. 

Bar Chart

Visualizer Tab

Capture, Present, Annotate and Record. Designed for integrating conventional teaching and meeting materials like books, printed reports, magazines and live objects with the latest online conference platforms. ideal solution for Distance Learning and Communication 

Myinking Share

Multi-Screen Wireless Mirroring System. Supports 9 split screen setting. Compatible with any existing operating systems. Features a dual touch LED Display for control and navigation. Powered by Android.  Ideal solution projector and regular display installation

Projector Screen Podium 1.png
Board 4.jpg

Myinking Board

86" Interactive Whiteboard powered Dual EMR Pen technology. Features acrylic surface for whiteboard marker and chalk writing. Supports 2048 pressure level sensitivity for perfect digital writing experience. Easy to Install, Clean and Maintain with very long product life span  

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