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Who We Are

My Inking is a global brand for EMR Pen and Touch input devices .We design and create digital handwriting input hardware solutions for Windows and Android enabled devices to cater the needs of different industries like Banking, HealthCare, Education and Government institutions. With our Patented Active EMR technology, we provide solutions that is fast, reliable, secure and affordable.

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Our History

  • 1999  Designed 3x5 EMR handwriting tablet  and other sizes

  • 2001  Applied for innovation patent for Panel Display Screen with Touch Control Function

  • 2002  Applied for innovation patent on Built-in membrane antenna array grid electromagnetic layer touch control display

  • 2003  Designed and applied for patent technology on EMR interactive white board

  • 2008  Established Morgan Touch Technology and  Design Morgan EMR IC

  • Produced 15.6-inch EMR module in TFT panel

  • 2009  Combined 2 touch solution in device (EMR  sensor and Resistance touch sensor)

  • 2010  Design Morgan Touch IC

  • 2011  Applied for innovation patent on AEC combo touch solution / EMR solution for LENOVO tablet

  • 2013  G2 - AEC Combo Touch solution in Korea education tablet

  • 2016  First in the world to develop and produced 86-inch Dual-Pens EMR solution

  • 2016- Designed Dual-Pens EMR solution for PROWISE IFP product line

  • 2018  EMR solution in E-ink EPD whiteboard

  • 2019 Designed and Applied EMR to conference tables and students desk


Morgan Touch 's  patent registered Active EMR technology is embedded in the sole of its products.  A very high precision writing technology solution for any requirements related to digital inking or handwriting. It comes in various sizes enabling  Morgan Touch to create products for different industry 

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