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Desk Tab Monitor

Pen and Touch Display 

15.6 New Design My Inking.png

Full HD high resolution Display with Active EMR Stylus and Multi Touch 

  • Rechargeable or Battery operated Active EMR Stylus

  • PCA-P Touch with 10 Points support

  • High resolution: 2048LPI (0.012mm)

  • Pressure Sensitive Stylus: 2048 levels (Basic) 8196 (Advanced)

  • Supports Win tab driver for artwork design software in Windows

  • Supports Windows Ink protocol

  • Support Auto Palm Disable

  • Windows, Linux and Android Compatible 

  • HDMI Video In

15.6 Vertical Old Design Documents.png

Upright Orientation

Ideal installation for documents viewing,  signing, editing, code programming and web design. 

Vertical Orientation

15.6 Pen and Touch Monitor - Art by:

Ideal installation graphic application, digital note taking, and media viewing 

Available Size

15 "





Adjustable Stand

EMR Stylus 

Nib *5, Clip *1

USB Cable for Touch

Power Adaptor 

HDMI Cable 

Pressure Sensitive Active EMR Stylus

Packed with a durable, smart and energy efficient pressure sensitive Active EMR Pen. Supports pressure level of 2048 and above. Powered by 2x AA battery with very long life expectancy. Support graphic applications like AI, Photoshop, Sketch and many more. 

Fully Adjustable Stand

Adjustable Stand angle from 90 degree to 20 degree

Clicking on a Tablet

Capacitive Touch

Support 10 points finger touch with Smart Palm Disable system for better writing and touch control  

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