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Visualizer Tab

Scan, Present, Annotate and Record

Visualizers or Document cameras are very useful tools in terms of scanning documents or taking photos and videos of live objects. With the advancement in software and hardware, visualizers are now able to scan not only documents but also barcodes, name cards and ID's. It is not widely use in schools, banks, hospitals and government establishments worldwide. 

In the emerging era of Online Teaching, Visualizers are a proven useful technologies as it enables lecturers to use books or any printed materials to conduct online classes with spending so much time processing them on to a PPT or any digital file. 

Edited 1.jpg


8.0 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

Max. Capture Size up to A3

Video Recording

1D/2D barcodes recognition

Support multi-language OCR

Handy USB Connection

Live View Presentation



4 Level LED

Software Features 

Barcode Scanning

Cam shop 4.jpg

Name Cards and ID's

Camshop 2.jpg

Documents with Multiple Pages 

Cam shop 5.jpg

Live View and Annotation

Online Education

Simple, Fast and Easy Solution for Online Education. Compatible with any existing online teaching platform like google meet, teams, skype and zoom. 

Packed with Whiteboard screen, annotator and drawing tools for your live view presentation of any printed documents or object samples. 

Supports screen video recording for archiving purposes. 

Click to download specs for MG-V80A3

Click to download specs for MG-V130A3

Click to download specs for MG-V160A3

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