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Inking Pad 

Inking Pad is a dual touch interactive flat panel with built in Android 8.1 operating system. Supports 20 Points Finger Touch and Dual Active EMR Pressure Sensitive Pen with pressure level of 2048. Built from the sole technology of Morgan Touch, Inking Pad offers an ultimate writing experience which is unique compared to any other brands in the market. 

Android 8.0 System

Built with the latest Android 8.1 system design for various applications like meeting room, classroom, living room and even public areas. Install any applications of your choice with 32GB of built in storage system 

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Windows System 

Built in OPS slot for Windows PC supporting any specifications of your choice 

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Basic Features

Above and Beyond

Smart System Interface

Provides easy access to major functions

4mm Tempered Glass

Built to last

4K Ultra HD Display

Ultimate viewing experience

Built In Stereo

Dual 15W Speakers

Picture 6.png

Dual EMR Pen

2048 Pressure Level

Packed with two Active EMR pressure sensitive pen with levels of up to 2048. Compatible not only with any whiteboard software but also with graphic design, sketching and drawing applications.  Programmed to automatically disable finger touch when using the Pen allowing to write seamlessly and effortlessly with out any interference from the Infrared sensors. 

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Multi Screen Wireless Mirroring 

Connect to your wireless network and mirror your devices screen effortlessly.  Mirroring includes touch function allowing you to control your devices all the way from the Inking Pad. Transfer files from your mobile phones using the E-SHARE App or use it as a remote control to control the main screen while you were walking around the room.   .

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Interactive Meeting

Make your daily meetings and team discussions interactive and efficient. Get everyone involved in the discussion

Available Sizes





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