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Covid-19 (New Normal):  

How to cope with the new normal way of teaching? 

Covid 19 Pandemic  brought a drastic change in every aspects of our society. From our work to our home, to our schools , it changes the way we interact and socialize. Almost everywhere, the fear of being infected, sick and isolated is present. Everyone tried every  possible way to go on with their daily lives while minimizing physical contacts with everyone else.  With all of these, one aspect of our society is quietly suffering from these changes brought by Covid-19 to our society . 

The education industry is one of the most affected part of our society. As the pandemic worsens in different parts of the world  schools from all levels were forced to closed their doors leaving students and teachers with no option but to stay at home and rely on the so called online learning platforms. With their laptops, PC's , Tablets and Mobile Phones , both student and lecturer struggle to communicate with each other in order to deliver and received information from both sides . Power Point presentations, Screen Sharing and Video conferencing has then been becoming a trend for the new normal way of teaching. But this new way of teaching has been a struggle for lecturers that are not prepared for the use of this new platforms. Countless hours are wasted in preparing presentations for a 1 hour class. Also, some lecturers are not very familiar with the use of these modern ways of teaching thus creating a gap on how these lecturers effectively deliver their contents to their students online. To addressed this issue, we have proposed a set of products that will allow lecturers to teach online using their conventional teaching materials like books and live objects and at the same time , allowing to annotate and write on a whiteboard screen.  Just exactly like how a classroom should be . 

Visualizer Tab 

Online Teacher
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Visualizer Tabpng.png

A combined solution of Inking Tab and Visualizer. With the original scanning feature of visualizer, teachers may capture live images from a book or an object and share it online using the screen sharing function of any online teaching platform.  With the record function, teachers can also record every minute of their online class sessions and upload it on a cloud folder for later review.

By combining Inking Tab with the features of a visualizer, Teachers can annotate on the live images taken by a visualizer to emphasize on important parts of the lecture. By using Inking Tab, teachers can also open a whiteboard screen anytime for further discussion of the topics being teach. All these while recording every thing on a single screen. 

Both devices can also be use individually as they perform specific function and usage that is useful both students and teachers 

Free Software 





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