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Board 1-1.jpg
Digital Animator

Electro Magnetic Resonance 

The same technology use in Graphics Tablet and other handwriting digitizer gadgets. Offers an absolute digital writing experience 

EMR Technology 

Hand Drawing

2048 Level

Supports pressure sensitive feature of any digital art, e-board and graphics software. 

Pressure Sensitive

Math Class

Special Acrylic Material Surface

Write with Chalk or Whiteboard marker when projector is not in use. Easy to clean and erases any writings made by conventional pen material. 

Acrylic Surface

Board 4.jpg
Hot Air Balloons

Write Draw sketch

New Generation of Interactive Whiteboard designed  for precise and highly accurate writing experience. Perfectly compatible with Microsoft Whiteboard, Sketch, Photoshop other major graphic design software. 

Board 2-1.jpg

Extended Screen

Supports multiple board integration for extended screen setting of Windows system .  Transform your class room wall into an interactive wall by integrating  3 to 4 myinking  Boards. 

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